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tv   News  Al Jazeera  June 9, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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>> the airport reopen. pakistani taliban said that it was behind the attacks and threatened there were more to come. >> who is leading libya now? >> a week after controversial re-election syria's election declares amnesty.
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strikes defend into violent protest. and we mak neo-fascists join the battle of eastern 69 country. pakistan's busiest airport has rehoped in which 29 people were killed. the pakistani taliban said that it laid siege to karachi and there will be more attacks in the coming days. it comes after a renewed campaign of airstrikes. >> reporter: another funeral in one of the world's bloodiest insurgencyies.
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the unfolding disaster was clear from afar as smoke covered the night's sky. just before midnight the rebels had shot their way into the old terminal dressed in security force uniform it's. gun battles followed with real members of airport security and then the army was called in. >> security forces confronted them, killed them, destroyed them, the operation was over in four or five hours. >> but four or five house is enough to bring up the question of the state of security in pakistan again. this is the country's busiest airport. >> well, i think it's a great
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threat to security. there is no city in pakistan that is safe. i think the government should take action and try to neutralize the terrorist forces, which is taliban in pakistan. >> reporter: this is what they brought with them, arsenal of heavy weapons. they say it was in revenge for the u.s. drone strike that killed their leader last year. and it has warned their campaign of revenge has just gun promising there will be more killings to come. al jazeera. >> we have more from islamabad on what the pakistani taliban has been saying about the attacks. >> reporter: even though it was a major breach of security after ten fighters armed heavily to attack the international airport and get onto the tarmac it was a
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swift action from the security forces that pinned down the attackers, and there by prevented them from destroying many aircraft parked on the tarmac. the taliban were quick to accept responsibility saying this was in revenge for their leader who was killed in an u.s. drone strike in november of last year. last year they said they were in a state of war, that there would be more in the coming days. the pakistani security forces however worry to prevent heavier damage at the airport and said that they killed all ten attackers who came to disrupt activities at karachi international airport. >> 30 people have been killed and 10 injured after two explosions in iraq.
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the attacks happened in the north of the capital of baghdad. the second blast came from a car bomb which went off near a check point. libya's prime minister has accepted a court ruling that his election was unconstitutional. the decision against ahmed by the constitutional court is like throw deepen libya's ongoing political prize. he was elected prime minister by mps by a controversial vote last month. his appointment came after abdullah alsini resigned, and then he refused to hand over powers leaving libya with two prime ministers. an >> the constitutional chamber of the supreme court rules that the
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disby the general national congress is unconstitutional. >> it ends weeks of political deadlock. the appointment of prime minister is unconstitutional. it's not open for appeal and he said he will stand by the decision. >> the parliamentary bodies that appointed him in a vote declared that they would respect the rule of law, and it's now up to them to decide how to move forward. under the current political divide getting the 130 votes needed will be very difficult. or they can vote for someone.
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new all together. >> the election split this country. there are many who oppose the appointment and wanted the outgoing prime minister to stay in power. retired general can haftar quality it as legitimate. the various armed groups backing their choice for prime minister. it's a rare positive sign that all sides appear to be abiding by the rule of law, and it comes at a crucial time. electionelection will be held here in just two weeks. libya wants a strong leader, someone who doesn't take sides, and puts the safety of libyans above anything else. stephanistephanie decker, tripoli. >> issuing amnesty for a number of crimes, bashar al-assad made the announcement after being re-elected to lead for
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another seven years. reducing some death sentences to life in prison. we have more now from beirut. >> the details of who will benefit from this general amnesty is sketchy but it does address people with with different crimes, different categories. for instance, deserters are given three months to turn themselves in and they won't be punished. abductors people who have abdu abducted different syrians have also one month to free their hostages without hurting them, and they can benefit from this amnesty. the minister of justice, the syrian minister of justice said this comes in the spirit of social unity and reconciliation,
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and it's built on the military victories that the government has achieved on the ground in the past few months. this is the spin the government is trying to get this general amnesty that comes five days after president assad won a new seven-year term. even though the proposition insists these elections are as far as, and they are not fair, they don't recognize the results the government is acting like it's a de facto thing. they say any solution in syria will have to be based on syrians, solving problems between themselves and reconciliation and they want to promote thi promote this. >> during celebrations marking the inauguration of the country's new president on sunday. the student was taken to the
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hospital afterwards, and her condition is not known. three al jazeera journalists have been impres imprisoned. prosecutors have demanded the maximum penalty. they want 15 years in jail for missouri an mohamed fahmy, bader mohammed, and peter greste for 17 years. abdullah elshamy has been held without charge since august of last year and has been on hunger strike for four months. al jazeera continues to demand the release of all its journalists detained in egypt.
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>> world cup kicks off on thursday. subway staffers have been on strike for the past five days. they're demanding higher wages and fought with police during demonstrations. it is causing chaos for brazil. students are showing their support as we report. >> it is completely struck down because of the strike. you'll see what is left from this morning when a couple of hundred protesters, mostly university students active tests started burning trash completely blocking traffic in this major intersection. that's when police came in, fired tear gas. these student protesters were
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just showing their support for the metro workers. they're on strike. the metro workers are entering their fifth day causing traffic chaos throughout the city. >> let's take you live now to where iran's president and turkey's president are giving a press conference. >> this is a very productive result. today's meeting was the first meeting of the center of the mechanism we have now
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established. the friendly research goes back to much longer compared to many other countries. perhaps 400 years almost. and th hopefully the relationship will continue. we have had talks on many different matters including almost every minute steeral subject we have discussed issues and since the elections of dr dr. rouhani's election, it goes even further.
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in today's meeting, we have favored trade agreement in respect to the trade partnership agreement. 28 be passed through the grand national assembly, and we will complete this process in a needier way. this morning following the prettying, we had a working lunch with president rouhani. after that we continued our meeting.
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we have talked about regional matters whether it's syria, iraq or egypt's issues. we have had a chance to consider all of these matters. as you are aware we are our ministers are all in charge of various departments attended these meetings and met with their counterparts. there was a ten-fold increase in trade between countries. regardless of the details we have achieved $2 billion.
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we have set up a target to reach the $12 billion in 2013, and that was to do with the sanctions. using this mechanism of higher favored trade partnership agreements will help to put a stop to this trend and achieve our $30 billion target. it's the political will o, and our businessmen are willing and cooperating and working together
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and our businessmen will be much more sensitive on this issue, and we'll increase the point where we are more golfing roads, involving gun issues, the relevant ministers will have talks among themselves and will decide how we can improve going forward in these matters. we had a chance to discuss this. and iran's approach and resulting in these matters.
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>> we have been listening to the tou turkey's president. he met with iran's president a rouhani. they said they signed agreements, it's been a productive meeting and they spoke of 400 relationship and called for deepening relationship. i think we're going to be able to listen rouhani speak now. let's step back and have a listen. >> i thank the prime minister i thank you for all their hospitality.
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i'm happy both countries have stepped in a new direction and have decided on expanding by that corporation council that was chaired. this was held in a very friendly courteous fashion in which everyone expressed their views in an open way. in our different meetings we have been involved in this discussion since the early hours
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of the morning. then we had meetings between ministers who held different portfolios. then there was a meeting with the prime minister about bilateral issues. >> we have been listening live to the press conference. we've been listening to president hasan rouhani who has been talking about his meeting with turkey's prime minister. also a strategic cooperation,
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apparently they have been up since the early hours of the morning. we'll have more analysis on this press conference later in the program. now the vice president of argentina has appeared in counter on monday. he is accused of using his position to buy a company tha. he has repeatedly denied any link to the printing company. we're joined by daniel in benous
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airries. i think it's it's important to see how they're viewing this particular case. he has been accused of serious violations and is now running the country. he is now talking to the judge, who will decide in the next few days if there is enough evidence for a full-blown court case to go ahead or if it should be thrown out and he is left carrying on being the vice president. >> what is at stake here, daniel, if he was to go ahead, the judge decides on that, what is at stake for him personally?
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personally? >> i think what is at stake is his career. he was the possible susser to the president in the elections next year. obviously if that case goes ahead that would be highly unlikely that he would continue with his career. it would throw the country into great political turmoil asking serious questions why this case has taken so long to get to this stage. and questions about this role, how he was allowed to carry on being the vice president over the last three years while the accusations have been floating around. he has been very keen to put this behind him. he really can'ts to- wants to and is hoping in the next to you gays that the judge will say there is no case to answer and life will go on as before.
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>> thank you. >> now another group of rwanda rebels. fighters from the fdlr are handing over their weapons. it is home to a myriad of armed groups who are all vying for control. the fdlr have been active since the genocide in rwanda when the fighters fled to congo. we have more. >> reporter: these are some of the rebels and their families who have come down from hills that surround this village. they're going to be kept in this camp temporarily. the he wil elephant in the room is where will they be taken from here. the office okay is to take them back home.
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some leaders have been accused of participating. they're skeptical of going back. a lot of people you talk to here will tell that you this is a very tall order. another plan that is being suggested by the congress lease army is to remove them away from here to a province the idea is to get them as far away as possible from areas that they operated in, and from the border. >> and many i are being encouraged to give up their weapons in an effort to stop fighting there.
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now ukraine's western backed president petro poroshenko is vowing to stop two months of bloodshed in the east. the military is using self declared neo-iti neo-fascists to help. >> the latest are you creates to ukraine's battle against the separatist up rising in the east. these volunteers have joined the special force raised by the interior minister in kiev.
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>> among the ranks we found a 52-year-old italian who left behind a wife and child to volunteer to fight for ukraine. >> for the political formation i
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fight where my comrades are. i felt immediately at home. and they led me feel to feel at home. >> this is a city that is supposed to be backing kiev. >> i found the separatist fighters where they showed me around their fortifications in the old greek quarter of the city. >> this is a strain, and i don't know what the future holds. but we have less support the beaches are full of sun bathers, many seem to be unaware or uncaring about the war going on around them.
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the past is rearing it's head again. >> a creeping shift to economic sanctions against russia. talking about bulgaria's decision to suspend work on pipeline backed by the kremlin. it's designed to bring russian gas to europe by passing ukraine. they have been ordered to stop work on the pipeline. >> two men convicted in the murder of murder of a russian journalist. they have been found guilty of the killing of politkovskaya. her work was highly critical of the work in herb knee i can't. residents in their home in siberia have found the remains
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of a rocket. some say it fell from the sky, others claim that it was washed in by floodwaters. they've been trying to identify the object but right now they're firmly keeping it at safe distance. don't forget you can watch al jazeera online. the address for that is you can see our top story about the karachi airport attack. restored. >> and i'm sergio quitana in arcata california learning